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Senior Software Engineer



Software Engineering
United Kingdom · Remote
Posted on Wednesday, August 16, 2023
🌳 Infogrid began in 2018 on a mission to make buildings more sustainable, buildings account for 39% of global carbon emissions and we’re creating real solutions to impact this!
🚀 We have amazing products solving real world problems, come and join us in either the UK or US and help drive our mission forward.
It's fair to say that the past couple of years have been a rollercoaster ride for most of us in the tech start-up scene - and Infogrid is no different. From the post-Covid rapid scale-up of our innovative solutions, and the teams to build them - to the sobering economic realities of 2023 and the need to pivot and focus on revenue.
However while this has been a tough journey for our teams, they have shown tenacity and resilience to keep working on the problems and push through challenges. We're now at a turning point and are looking for some top engineering talent to join us on our mission to reduce carbon emissions.
The one constant we have is change - we need to move fast and innovate. Infogrid is establishing a new market within commercial real estate - a sector ripe for disruption. We have installed over 200,000 IoT sensors in thousands of buildings. We manage the stream of data into our data platform, powered by Snowflake, so we can build Machine Learning models that power insights for our Sustainability and Smart Maintenance solutions.
We use tools such as DBT, Dagster and Cube.dev to surface these insights via our app (built with Python, AWS Lambda + Node.js, and React/Typescript) as well as APIs and SDKs. We use AWS infrastructure, and cloud-native services, in a multi-region setup to serve our customers, primarily in the US and UK.
We have excellent teams and fantastic engineers. We're focused on outcomes and give our engineers the freedom to be creative. While we live in a world of high ambiguity, this can have a significant multiplier effect on engineering careers.
A bit about Engineering at Infogrid
We are all about strong teams - amazing individuals with a unified purpose who collaborate and deliver together. Our engineers are strong team players, continuously collaborating as a team with Product Managers and Designers
What might Infogrid Engineering offer you?
Everyone is different, and every organisation is different. We don’t hire based on a rigid checklist - instead, we look at the individual skills and experience of every engineer; and how you might help us solve the various challenges we have. This can be daunting and exhilarating in equal measure, and we believe with the right support of your team, we can offer fantastic opportunities for career growth.

Within 1 Month you will…

  • Better understand the world of commercial real estate, and how commercial buildings work.
  • You will start to appreciate how the built environment contributes to carbon emissions and the opportunities to improve this that powers the Infogrid mission.
  • Participate in weekly team meetings that get you up to speed with our development process.
  • Meet the internal stakeholders, both within Product & Technology and in other functions within the business.
  • Deliver high-quality code, unit tests, and automated tests to ensure the success of your team - by pairing, mobbing or working solo.

Within 3 Months you will…

  • Help to achieve valuable outcomes aligned with your team’s mission and purpose.
  • Receive mentoring and feedback from your team through code review cycles.
  • Collaborate with your technical team to implement the technical components and stories of a Product team epic.

Within 6 Months you will…

  • Be contributing to the planning of work that fits with your team’s mission and purpose.
  • Be actively contributing to the continuous improvement of your team.
  • Be able to identify and unblock technical challenges related to the scalability and performance of the Infogrid platform.
  • Participate in internal Lunch-and-Learn sessions with the engineering team showcasing new features, technologies, or process enhancements that benefit the engineering team.
Come save the world with us!
❤️ Feel good about your work: Infogrid is actively helping big companies reduce their environmental footprint. We also offset everyone’s carbon footprint.
🤸 We’re flexible: We encourage remote working and offer flexible working hours to everyone.
🌍 We're passionate: everyone is passionate about the mission and how the work we do helps our planet
🫶 Work with great people: work alongside incredibly talented and supportive within a small but mighty workforce
And we'll do everything we can to support you during your application. If you need us to make any adjustments to your recruitment process, speak to our recruitment team who will be happy to support you.