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Aloft is a developer of real estate appraisal technology intended to provide an efficient approach to home valuation. The company's technology combines the power of deep industry experience, data, and standardized methodology, enabling clients and users to generate appraisal reports in a speedy, simple, and accurate manner.
Appear Here is the leading online marketplace for retail space. The mission: to create a world where anyone, anywhere can find space for their ideas. Appear Here is building a global network of the best retail spaces and working exclusively with some of the biggest landlords in the world including Land Securities, Hammerson and Westfield. Spaces listed on Appear Here include prime high street shops, underground stations, unique venues, major shopping malls and historic buildings. In 2015, Appear Here launched In Residence: a collection of spaces inside some of the world’s best boutiques, hotels and gyms.
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Aquicore is a developer of a data and analytics platform designed to accelerate the decarbonization of real estate. The company's platform supports real estate institutions in collecting data, benchmarking and reporting ESG performance, and achieving energy and emissions targets portfolio-wide, enabling businesses to identify building leaders and laggards and get recommended savings projects that accelerate progress to their energy reduction targets.
Assembly OSM delivers architecturally distinctive high-rise buildings (1-30 floors) through a technologically advanced process of digital design, manufacturing, assembly, and on-site installation.
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Assignar is a developer of a construction operations management platform designed to improve visibility into field operations and manage project schedules. Key functions include detailed project plan and work breakdowns, resource progress and productivity tracking, safety and compliance management, field-office communications, cost visibility, and operations reporting / BI.
Aurora Solar is a leading design and sales software platform for solar installers that automates and streamlines end-to-end solar installation design process by accounting for a multitude of factors including building structures, local surroundings, weather date, utility rates, and energy consumption profiles. Aurora Solar's vision is to build the operating system of the solar industry - the platform on which all solar installations are designed, sold, and financed.
Belong is a property management platform that serves small individual owners of single-family home rentals, with a "people-first" focus on customer experience. Belong delivers a hassle-free experience to property owners while helping renters save for homeownership by reserving a portion of rent in a down payment savings account.
Blank Street sells high-end private label coffee at competitive prices. It operates small-format mobile retail storefronts, including vending carts, pick-up windows, and micro shops (<250 SF); and provides mobile storefront app to further accelerate checkout and drive loyalty. It has a vision of hosting other brands on a hyperlocal platform and supporting operations including menu management and marketing.
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Blend Labs Inc is a cloud-based platform software platform that powers the digital interface between financial services firms and consumers. It supports and simplifies applications for mortgages, consumer loans, and deposit accounts. Its operating segments are Blend Platform and Title365.
Blueprint Power is a developer of an electricity grid-based platform designed to accelerate the transformation of buildings into intelligent power nodes. The company's platform provides a suite of data-driven machine-learning tools to automate the management, aggregation, orchestration, and market transactions of energy assets, thereby enabling real-estate owners to transform their buildings into power plants and connect them to new energy markets and customers.
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Brimstone is a developer of a novel process intended to produce carbon-negative Portland cement and supplementary cementitious materials. The company provides a cost-effective process for converting waste sulfur into green hydrogen and sulfuric acid, enabling users to replace conventional processes with a cost-effective and clean electrochemical system.
Built Robotics is a developer of autonomous vehicle software designed to transform heavy equipment into autonomous robots. The company's software works in collaboration with sensors that have been retrofitted onto heavy equipment to create an AI Guidance System, enabling clients to operate machines fully autonomously and used to build critical infrastructures such as wind farms, gas pipelines, and new housing developments.